How to pick Keno winning numbers

How to pick Keno winning numbers

Keno, the popular game where you have the numbers for a play slot game is a personal favourite for gamblers. When critics deny that there’s no chance of winning Keno by using a strategy or any amount of superstition, I would argue that there’s a definite art in weaving the game to your advantage. Mastering this art is the key to gamble with numbers in Keno. We have to admit, however, that finding the right number can be tricky. Skeptics argue that since the odds are totally against you, you have no chance of winning. This isn’t true. By deciphering the art of finding order in chaos, gamers get the advantage of trying out at Keno numbers.

Keno odds

The probability of finding 10 out of 10 numbers in bargain would be very low, but then it is still statically possible. And the difficulty of finding the same numbers becomes a mammoth task as the numbers increase exponentially. So, the question remains, why play Keno? With an increasing number of multipliers and wagers, you still have the chance to win a massive sum of money. And this attracts the gamers to the game.

Special days

Special days

Birthdays, anniversaries are always special to all people. These significant events occupy an essential niche in our lives. Brand it superstition or not, these events may even bring luck and win Slot Malaysia to us. People use these dates, months, or years as they inherently feel it to be lucky. Though there’s no evidence to support these claims, these special days have been proven exceptionally fortunate for some.

Hot and cold numbers

If you were a mathematician, you might be curious to know the patterns in everything, including the Keno. Observing the number of frequencies for a long time would reveal a definite trend in numbers. On these facts, you can classify numbers as hot and cold numbers. A study done by the British National Lottery has found the number 44 (drawn 253 times in total) to be the most frequent one. The other most common ones are 38, 40, 23, 39, 33.

Lucky numbers

Cultures in their evolution over time, have evolved with specific numbers to be luckier and others unluckiest than the others. Keno gamers usually avoid such numbers and use lucky numbers and narrow down to their lucky numbers. For instance, number 13 is considered unlucky by almost all cultures and people. The same lucky number in one culture is unlucky for another culture. Number four is deemed to be blessed by the Germans while considered unlucky by the Chinese.

Pattern play

Keno players always use specific patterns in discovering their respective numbers. –

– Spooky corner: Focusing on opposite corners of a Keno board is a useful pattern.

– The bull’s eye: locating your numbers at or in and around the centre of the sheet is always another strategy.

– Pairs: selecting numbers in pairs are another common belief for luck.

Random pick

The best plan of action is to have no plan at all. If the gamer hasn’t made any plan, he may let the computer device choose for him. This reduces the confusion of selection and saves time.



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